Thursday, November 13, 2014

Review # 153: "We3"

"We3" is like "Terminator" meets "Homeward Bound." If that alone doesn't make you curious about this story, I don't know what will.


How about this? A giant, killer robot powered by the brain of rabbit trapped inside it POOPS BOMBS.


OK, if you haven't rushed to your nearest comic store yet then let's talk about this some more. In three issues, Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's "We3" shatters any notion of what you think a comic with three animals as its central characters could be. It runs the full gamut of emotions from cheer to sorrow. It is as funny as it is heartbreaking, depicted with great irony at points. But for its "lost dog," "lost cat" and "lost rabbit" pictures, this is not just some sob story. It is the most violent comic book I own. "1," "2" and "3" in their weaponized robotic supersuits are a stark reminder that these cuddly creatures we have all grown to love all have the capacity to be savage beasts.

But they do have morals. It's like getting a chance to look into the minds of a cherished pet. A dog who wants nothing more to please, but is confused and lost without knowing if its master approves. A cat which is a bred killer with a bitter streak that begrudgingly still understands the value of companionship. A rabbit, who.... well, I don't know enough about rabbits to make a comment here but, again... it POOPS BOMBS.

So how do you uncover what makes these characters tick? Inner monologue? Hell no. Grant Morrison gives them the means to speak, albeit very primitively. It makes the dialogue that much more memorable. Lines like "Is gud dog?" and "Bossss stink!" stick with you instantly. They complement Quitely's pictures which are both graphic and serene. I've seen a lot of great stuff from Quitely in "All-Star Superman," "Batman and Robin" and "New X-Men" but his art has never been this brutal or this beautiful.

It's a touching three issues easily digested in about a half-hour. It will break your heart, it will warm your heart and - if you have a pet - it'll make you want to give it a big hug.

Rating: 10/10

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